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Imagine journeying through the Central Otago landscape, warm wind caressing you. The aroma of the endless hills of flowering thyme moves your senses to drink in the heady aroma. Capture the essence of natures herbal gift by ordering your jar of sweet and savoury thyme honey today. Loaded with phenols.



Wild Thyme Honey 500g

SKU: 004
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  • All our raw honey is lovingly harvested and presented in a heathy choice glass jar, filtered enough not to take out the good stuff, not over heated, not creamed. Just the way nature intended. Raw honey will naturally crystalize over time. Honey does not spoil, if you keep the lid on the jar. To soften or make runny, just heat jar gently in a water bath or microwave for 40 seconds with the lid off. Do not boil the honey. May contain traces of bees wax.

    Great with hot water as a health drink. Honey supports gut health and contributes to a balanced diet.


  • If you have any questions or concerns about this product or please contact us at

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